The transition in effect!

So it feels wonderful once again

a new wave riding fast looking to win

old choices make the ultimate sin

denied the true healer buried within

Any takers? any fakers?  Calling all decision makers!

Make it a point to be a mover and shaker 🙂

Lots on the brain and more on the way

Gonna channel this stoke and got words still to say!

Listening to the teachers and reasoning with others.

Realizing the real from my sisters and brothers.

Concentrated calories can’t make up for the RAW POWER

of eating atleast one banana an hour 😉

Blend 9 in the morning and 9 in the noon,

12 ounces of dates it isn’t all that hard

Give your body the fruit sugars it wants and desires

Greens in the evening to Alkaline Higher!

Balance that stoke with some fats from avocados and sun-ripened olives

A recipe for success so easy to follow.



Locked Channel

Free will never taken

I shall not be mistaken

dormant souls ready to be waking

vibrant projects in the making

Instant Karma fueled new relations

preaching full appreciation

of the the glory, of the grace

Blessings bestowed to each new face

Time for me to go you all

Out those locked doors walking tall

Came in a channel alive forever

Tried to break me, I said “NEVER”

Instinct took over the whole time

Played there knowing I’d done no crime

Full Mind

Consciousness by virtue driven

Lower Vibrations barely livin

Being is calling to us all

Heed the warnings, hear the call!

Guideposts many, believers few

Embrace the love, it will ensue

A calming of mind

All come as kind

Don’t get trapped in finite’s grind

Realize the here and now

To wisdom and knowledge humbly bow

Transcend to glory

Ascend through space

Fill your time with hope and grace

Truth sets like the sun

If Darkness overtake

Be Mindful of the life you make

I said love forever and meant it

A love I found destined to hold

A truth that cannot be bought or sold

I’ll believe in her until I’m old

Never trading for money or gold

Sacrifices made Memories still fresh

Still bound to her I must confess

Although her scorn has torched my days

I still desire her presence and ways

Undying passion is still present

If she came back I’d forgive and consent

To treat the past as came and went

Remember only the good times we spent

Clay Made

Made of clay easily malleable 
Two wolves we feed sometimes til full
One fed by love and intention pure
The other hate, pain to endure
The wolves toil and tussle both night and day
Both feeling and choosing words to say
Asking to feed to plead their case
Inside both demanding their own space
You'll make your choices and raise your wolves
From birth til death they will revolve
Around your heart and in you mind 
I hope you manage and stay kind
Can one wolf die from starvation?
Send him packing on permanent vacation
Hide his face to never show
Goodbye negative wolf you've got to go!!!

Maybe til Breakdown

Maybe til breakdown
Determined to try
Settling imperfection
Landslides collide

Wash this mess once more
Zero out every score
Built a lifetime outlined
Many lives been behind

Finish projects self started
Running round half retarded
Orders goals commands plans
Serving woman and man

Wisdom I have gained, most certainly trained
Replaced dreams with concern, willing to learn
Laid myself aside plenty, to go with the many
Still a fire burns deep, telling me not to sleep


Reach out to the zombified tied up to the screen
Grasp tightly to the dirty watch them become clean
Break off of the stores, promises aisles deep
Away from the nanotech, that's begun it's cold creep

Run and fly. Bike and train, learn to live off our earth.
Parasites own your family til death up from birth.
Take comfort in the mother dig deep and dig fast
This me first built paradigm wasn't designed to last

I've installed a new program I'm compelled to share
Empathy love and compassion and lifestyle of care
Holding my head up and bracing for storms
The likes of which not seen but been certainly
Better hash out the details and prepare much quicker
Get free from the weakness before we get sicker
Cry out to our sisters, mothers, fathers and brothers
Say prayers for our enemies of truth and light they'll discover
Make a nest far away and return with our bounty
Gather supplies and good lovers to bed up in hum county

Forever playing peaceful in these mountains of gold
Not close to a people easily bought and sold
Past toils behind us once formed out of clay
Knowledge a hardened rock destined to stay